Chamisa by Albert Handell |

Painting Rocks in Oil by Albert Handell

Painting rocks, for me, is, in part, a matter of contrasts and harmonized similarities. Contrasts can consist of lights and darks; large and smaller areas; and sharp edges, lost edges and all edges in-between. Then there are the textural contrasts of the paint itself.


Albert Handell’s Pastel Painting Tip | Seeing Value

In the June issue of Pastel Journal (on sale here), master pastelist Albert Handell shares his approach to painting adobe buildings, one of the essential elements of the Southwestern landscape. Vital to his technique is the use of lively, but harmonic color. To do this , he stresses the importance of using colors that...

Painting Rocks | Albert Handell

Rocks needn’t be a static element in a landscape. Renowned pastel artist Albert Handell translates the exciting shapes and beautifully nuanced color into dramatic pastels. In the June 2013 issue of Pastel Journal, Handell offers insight into how he approaches the subject, perhaps ironically, based on lessons he learned years go while painting still...

Albert Handell | Using Pastel to Create Dramatic Skies

The sky is responsible for much of the drama in a landscape. In the August 2011 issue of The Pastel Journal, master pastelist Albert Handell outlines some key considerations for handling composition, color and cloud control in order to make the most of this key landscape component. In this gallery of paintings, Handell describes...

Albert Handell Demo

We've had the great pleasure of watching pastel master Albert Handell do a painting demonstration at the Cincinnati Art Club.