Burnishing on Black: Free Colored Pencil Demo with Gary Greene

Artist Gary Greene demonstrates how to effectively burnish colored pencil on a black background in five easy steps. The technique of burnishing layers a sequence of colors, mixing them together with white or other light colors, repeating the sequence until the surface is covered with pigment....

Artful doodling

Technique Tuesdays: 10 Tips for Artful Doodling

Now that artful doodling has claimed its place, we can fully celebrate the incredible techniques artists incorporate to create their swirls, flourishes, patterns, and marks. Want to take your own skills even further? That’s as simple as following some of the inventive and easy ideas from doodle artists who have discovered unique ways to...

cropped colored-pencil-drawing-on-illustration-board-by-Lee-Hammond

Drawing: What Kind of Paper Should You Use?

In my classes, there's a consistent question that comes up: “What paper should I use for this drawing?” There are so many varieties out there, and each one will create a different look. Here are some things to consider when selecting the paper for your project.


Handmade Gifts of Art

It started as a simple colored pencil demo on how to make shiny, brightly colored items. Jelly beans seemed the perfect subject, so I started the drawing, just for fun, and just for a demo piece. I never expected it to amount to much, other than a good lesson on colored pencil. In my...

Suede board for drawings and paintings

Colored Pencil Bliss

Last week I had the pleasure of teaching a five-day seminar on “The Joys of Colored Pencil.” While that may have been the topic of the class, the true joy came to me through the wonderful group of people I had attending. It was an incredible experience.


Paint Flowers in Colored Pencil

How to Draw Flowers What is it about flowers that makes us want to draw and paint them over again? Well, there’s the color of course! Add in form and shape, and the fact that no two flowers are ever exactly alike, and you have an ideal subject for your paintings. And when combined with...