Burnishing on Black: Free Colored Pencil Demo with Gary Greene

Artist Gary Greene demonstrates how to effectively burnish colored pencil on a black background in five easy steps. The technique of burnishing layers a sequence of colors, mixing them together with white or other light colors, repeating the sequence until the surface is covered with pigment....

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5 Great Gifts for Flower-Lovers

These remarkable books and DVDs make great gifts for the floral artist in your life. Watercolor Quick & Easy with Joyce Faulknor (DVD) Follow along as Joyce demonstrates painting flowers in watercolor using unique approaches—mixing color directly on the surface to paint a magnolia, and glazing color to paint an iris—to create fabulous darks,...


Creating Textures in Colored Pencil

Gary Greene is a long-time favorite of North Light Book readers and colored pencil artists everywhere. Known for his super-realistic style, Gary uses colored pencils to paint just about every subject you can imagine–still life, portraits, flowers, land and seascapes…. North Light Books brings his indepth instruction to you now with the 15th Anniversary...


The Ultimate Guide to Colored Pencil

The Ultimate Guide to Colored Pencil
by Gary Greene
Known for his incredibly realistic paintings and his detailed step-by-step instruction, best-selling author Gary Greene has created this awesome reference for all things colored pencil—both on a basic and more advanced level--giving you quick access to his tips, tricks and techniques for creating exceptionally realistic...


Drawing With a Semi-Scratchboard Approach

In the July/August issue of The Artist’s Magazine, David N. Kitler shares an unusual drawing technique that combines a gessoed board, graphite, and scalpels and razor blades. The following is excerpted from his article “Scribbling, Scraping & Scratching.”