Painting Knife Techniques

If you’ve ever spread frosting on a cake, you have an idea of the textural possibilities when using a painting knife to create an oil painting. Deborah-Quinn Munson explains how you can achieve a variety of effects, from the sweeping strokes to refined details.

Free Portrait Painting Tutorial | Expert Portrait Painting Tips

Supple floral arrangements in still lifes, violent waves in seascapes and exotic wildlife in animal art: artists explore endless subjects, but there’s one that continues to dominate over the years: painting portraits. Artists are fascinated with capturing the human face: each wrinkle, dimple and freckle helps to not only identify but also to personify...

The Caregivers by Patricia Traub

The Call of the Wild | Giving Meaning to Wildlife Art

Patricia Traub's work, featured in The Artist's Magazine (September 2013) moved me and left me feeling introspective. I’ll let you read the article for yourself to learn how she “depicts humans as protectors alongside endangered species and unwanted pets,” but until you do, I'd like to share some of her painting and composition techniques.