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Lee Hammond began her artistic career at an early age, teaching art classes to aspiring students while she herself was still in college at the University of Nebraska back in 1976. While she chose to discontinue attending the University to pursue a working career, she continued to advance her art education through other classes and art programs, and used “teaching” as a way of “learning.” The result is a unique drawing style she personally developed, being mostly self taught.

Past Experience

Because Lee is a self motivated, curious artist, her career in art has been extremely varied. She has taken jobs in about every aspect of art, ranging from commercial graphic layout, retail store displays, and billboard painting and illustration. In the late 70’s, she pursued a career in law enforcement and became the Police Composite Artist for the Lincoln Police Department in Nebraska, and was trained by Smith & Wesson. She then moved to Kansas City, and remains the Police Artist for the Kansas City Metro Squad to this day. She has been on call for the show America’s Most Wanted and has been featured on Court TV, Tru TV, and many other crime shows and documentaries.
Lee became one of the leading illustrators for NASCAR, creating custom drawings and prints for the NASCAR drivers and teams from 2000 to 2004. These were sold nationwide and on QVC.

Current Experience

Lee Hammond’s main love is teaching art, and through that, she has developed a method of teaching that has proven successful for more than 3 decades. She has maintained a full time teaching schedule for over 30 years, traveling nationally and worldwide to share her techniques.
While teaching during the 70’s and 80’s, Lee created unique handouts to aid her students in the classroom. Over the years, these handouts were placed into a 3-ring binder, and the idea for a book was born and her relationship with North Light Books began. Lifelike Portraits from Photographs was published in 1994, and has become one of North Light Books’s best sellers ever since. It was re-released in 2010 as a 15th anniversary edition. She is also creating a full line of teaching DVDs and has had more than 30 books published on drawing and painting, and continues to publish a new book every year.
Lee’s second passion is writing. New pursuits include a series of children’s books which she has written and is illustrating herself, along with a motivational book, titled REACH. She is a motivational speaker, giving lectures on positive thinking and living an inspired life. She is also working on her first novel.
Lee continues to teach art full time, operating a private art studio in Overland Park, Kansas. She also resides in Naples, Florida in the winter, and teaches at the beautiful Rookery Bay Research Reserve.
Her trademark is “Take it to Art.”

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