20th Century Colors Palette

Love color?

Yes, of course you do – so do I! We (at The Artist’s Magazine) were contacted about a new palette available for house paint, and thought you’d like to see how colors were used to create this new collection by Historic New England and California Paints, called 20th Century Colors of America.

Historic New England Preservation Specialist Sally Zimmerman states, “In creating this palette, Historic New England relied solely on architectural color sources from 20th century documents, including our 20th century museum properties and our archives of 20th century paint and wallpaper. By drawing on colors historically promoted and used in interior and exterior walls, ceilings, and trim, we know that the palette reflects the actual use of these colors in the 20th century home.”

Here are a few photos to inspire your color adventure!

The Belfry Chamber also at Beauport, which inspired
the color Belfry Green. Courtesy of Historic New England.

The Golden Step Room at Beauport which inspired
the color, Seascape Jade Green. Courtesy of Historic New England.

The South Gallery at Beauport – inspiration for
the South Gallery brown. Courtesy of Historic New England.

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