Art Chats with Linda Fisler: More Than Meets the Eye

We all enter the artist community with unique circumstances; Linda Fisler is no exception. I had the pleasure of meeting Linda at the Representational Art Conference in Ventura this year only to find that there is a lot more behind the voice of Art Chats than meets the eye.

As a child, Linda was inspired while watching her cousins paint and draw, but she tended to write stories because she thought she had no painting ability. The years progressed and as an adult, Linda got a job in corporate America. There were a number of years where she questioned the tedium of her job; discussions of other possibilities transpired with her husband.

One day Linda started taking oil painting lessons and eventually left her job to pursue writing and painting. “It totally woke me up to living a creative life,” she says.

Before long, Art Chats, an online radio show, grew out of a working relationship with Kevin Macpherson. Kevin is one of Linda’s mentors and co-founder of a business called Artist Mentors Online. During a gathering in Taos, the idea of having a radio show discussing art skills emerged, and they launched Art Chats on Blog Talk Radio. They established an international audience   with a record number of more than 26,000 listeners for one particular show! Subsequent changes to Blog Talk Radio lead F+W Media, Inc. to offer Linda a platform for the show, where she continues to reach a large audience through ArtistsNetwork.

Art Chats with Linda Fisler

I asked Linda what the greatest lesson has been through her Art Chats experience. She said many things were learned but the biggest catalyst was when she asked “what if” and picked up a palette knife. The “What if I do” question propelled her process forward. “That path has happened to every one of the artists that I’ve interviewed,” she says. “They all have struggled to find their uniqueness through the study of composition, value, color relationships, color mixing, good drawing skills, and an understanding of their tools and materials. It’s a journey and you can’t skip to the end of the line. So be fearless and enjoy the journey along the way.”

When asked what marketing lesson would most help others in their artistic path, Linda suggested patience with the desire to jump into the market. “I got out there way too early in my journey, which caused a lot of frustration. I honestly didn’t know how bad I was until I was mentored by Kevin Macpherson and Joe Anna Arnett.” Linda’s advice would be to make sure you have mastered the craft before you start marketing yourself or your artwork. Remember that the first impression is the hardest one to erase from people’s minds.

In addition to Art Chats, Linda is hard at work writing novels and painting. Full of ideas and with twice the energy of the average person, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her novels illustrated with her paintings and in the hands of some magical dream team some day!

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