Brainstorming session!

Here it is, only mid-June, and yet we’re already planning ahead for 2011! Yesterday those of us in the Editorial department of The Artist’s Magazine, including our Art Director and Community Publisher, met outside of the office to bring our fresh ideas together.

What a positive, fantastic day! Our discussion took place at someone’s home around a dining room table; we were surrounded by full bookshelves and striking paintings. As we brought our creative minds together, spread before us were pages of notes, random handwritten ideas, surveys, back issues of The Artist’s Magazine, not to mention delicious plates of grapes, strawberries and toward the afternoon, decadant brownies from a nearby cafe.

Although the brainstorm session was nearly non-stop, we stayed focused, covering the high variety of issues that we handle for our common goal: to inspire, inform, encourage and instruct. What we came away with is a solid plan for the months and years ahead, and I am so excited to be a part of it. I know my colleagues are too, and I hope you share our enthusiasm. How lucky we are, to have art in our lives, no matter the ways or means!


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