Comfort in Art

This week I went to a funeral.

As I sat, holding one of my children in my lap and waiting for the service to begin, I, of course, paid quite a bit of attention to the beautiful flower arrangements surrounding us. I am a girl, after all. They were in stark contrast to the layers of dark cotton, polyester and silk fabric that made up the wardrobe in the room.

Black and white photos filled posters, helping us all remember specific times with the gentleman who had passed.

And on the walls, paintings.

Not long prior to this morning I had been walking through the halls of a hospital; not an unfamiliar scene to any of us I’m sure. I’ve always been struck by the images that are framed there. If only they could talk.

And it’s comforting – finding art in places such as this.

With this, I thank all artists for sharing a visual gift that not all of us have, but so many of us appreciate in so many ways.

Until next time,

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