Comment and WIN Pastel Art Supplies!

Have you seen the September/October issue of Pastel Journal yet? In it is a special section on new pastel art supplies. Our friends at Blick Artist Materials, Terry Ludwig Pastels and Jack Richeson & Co., Inc came together to let you know about some exciting pastels, supports and substrates that you can add to your stash. Even better, they want to give a sample of each to one lucky winner.

It’s easy to win, them, too–simply tell us what inspires you to paint with pastel (or why you want to begin) by commenting on this blog post below, and you’ll be entered!*

Free pastel art supplies |

Here’s a sample of what you could win just by commenting below!

This contest ends September 29, 2016, so you have plenty of time to comment now and then share this with a friend as well (they’ll thank you for it!).

Here are the amazing pastel supplies that you could win:

• Premium Pastel Surfaces from Jack Richeson & Co., Inc
• 10 sheets of 9×12 UART Sanded Pastel Paper Pads from Blick Art Materials
• 30 Umber Shadows and Shades from Terry Ludwig Pastels

Highlights from this issue of Pastel Journal include: Pastel Journal |

• Paint Captivating Weather Conditions
• Unleash the Power of Pastels
• Produce Bold, Colorful Landscapes
• Recharge Your Creative Process With 3 Exercises
• Test Drive Textured Paper

Download Pastel Journal here and comment below now for your chance to win!

*US residents only, due to shipping costs and international contest rules and regulations.

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152 thoughts on “Comment and WIN Pastel Art Supplies!

  1. Sarai Casas

    Pastel the unique style that brings art to life the way it shows the reality of life! It brings me so much pleasure I wont talk about just why I want to paint with pastel.Its what makes me want to paint with it.When it comes to doing my painting’s my portfolio I have been creating life drawing with an effect of my life perspective and thats what bring my art to life! Makes it more Realistic!

  2. Julie Roberts

    I used hard pastels when I was first learning to draw and paint. Now I want to go back to it and use it to paint plein air. It’s a medium that encourages use of color in unusual places. My color has gotten a bit boring and I see pastels as a chance to make my paintings sing….

  3. slavalley11

    Soooooo excited about the color palette for my Portraits! Wow!
    Pastels colors like these are to me what chocolate is to others….internal Bliss! Mmmmmm

    Cannot wait to get my paws on these. Susan Lavalley – Valley Fine Art

  4. skhacker

    It’s my desire to do pastel paintings. Not sure why I am so intimidated by pastels. Anyway, I am overcoming this fear. These colors shown above are beautiful at best. Some bold and some subtle but all equally inviting. Inspiration says it perfectly, so here we go; uncharted territory here I come. Looking forward to the journey. Thank you for the inspiration.

  5. keelan rushby

    Nothing is as forgiving and kind to an artist, as pastel is, I will alwaysbe inspired to work with it because it doesn’t have many limits, and is so helpful when obtaining interesting mixes of colour. I also learned art first with the pastel medium.

  6. imabrodie

    I took Chris Ivers’s beginners course this month, and she predicted “You’re gonna fall in love” with this medium. It wasn’t love at first paint, but she was right. Halfway through the course, things started to click, and now I’m in deep. I took her course because I had always wanted to try pastels after years of oil painting, and I am enjoying learning how the two media are so (completely) different.

  7. Miriam Canarim

    The colours of the pastels that one may win are an inspiration!
    Chocolate, velvet, smooth pleasure of creating something. Dream, breathe in, and close your eyes. And get to work!
    Thank you for the opportunity. Crossing my fingers.

  8. JudyGurl

    Soft pastels for me are colour in it’s purist form. I loved painting with soft pastels when I was younger and am now just getting back into it (30 years later). Would love to try some Ludwigs, I hear they are soft like butter cream..

  9. fsnowden

    Working with pastels is a visual/tactile experience. Just looking at the colors before you, then picking one up sets the expression in motion. It is truly art in the present moment. You feel the color as it meets the paper, color over color image unfolding in waves of energy.


    I have a lot of fun with pastels although it is not a medium I have a lot of practice with yet. I tend to over blend the colors as I have a very basic set. I would love to explore this medium more and achieve results like those I see from other pastelists.

  11. Jinkoid

    What inspires me is color! I love the theory, the application, the psychology; everything about it interests me. 😀 I would love to win these simply because of the stated reason above and because I would love to learn a new medium!

  12. mariaya

    I love pastels they are amazing, sometimes you just want to paint now, you don’t want to mix. Colors are amazing and your drawings are more realistic. Sometimes before I paint I do a pastel then they oil painting. Nothing like they pastel!.

  13. yvonneg

    Pastels make my heart sing. Each color has it’s own “note” and contributes to the final melody! I paint in many mediums but PASTELS…are by far my favorite!. I have been drooling over this latest Ludwig set since I laid eyes on them!! There would be a “Symphony” in my art if they were mine!. Never have enough colors you know!

  14. TGural

    I’ve been painting for over 35 years, primarily in oil. This past year, I’ve started using soft pastels for the first time and absolutely have fallen in love. The chroma is so much more intense. Most everyone says my latest portraits in pastels are some of my best work. Looking forward to doing some landscapes over the winter. Really need to add more colors to my pastel collection, exactly like those in this give-away. Haven’t used Terry Ludwig’s yet, and would love to try them out, as well as the papers.

  15. Twinrocks

    I enjoy drawing with pastels and employ them for doing plein air drawings to use as studio references for later paintings. It’s more intuitive to me than using pointed drawing tools, I can fill space or vary my texture by varying how I hold it. Most of the ones I have are scholastic quality though, it’s frustrating when I unearth an exceptionally hard spot & the colors aren’t as rich as they could be. These would be lovely to try!

  16. Navi

    I’ve always loved sketching portraits in charcoal. But such wonderful pastel portraits by artists here is so inspiring that I eagerly wish to to try this new medium. Pastel medium seems to be very fascinating.

  17. sup3rdad

    I’m up for a challenge! I have never worked in pastels before. The medium of choice for me is oils. I have used acrlyics in the past but that medium dries to fast. I have seen some beautiful work done and I have watched some videos on how-tos. I think everyones post are full of merit on why they should win over the next. Good luck on picking the winner I’m sure its going to be a difficult decision on your parts. Good Luck to everyone.

  18. ecloudy

    I just love the pure color, the tactile feel of layering one color over or beside another. While I love the drawing aspect of using harder pastels, the soft pastels are my favorite, and sanded paper.

  19. Paintedstars83

    I like working with pastels because the colors just flow together so nicely. I love the ease of blending to create a look that’s harder to get in any other medium.

  20. MellieM

    I love blending with my fingers, dust flying around, smears on my face. The result may be on paper, but the larger story is the mess I make of myself and the table. It’s glorious…the painting is simply the byproduct of the experience!

  21. Tcbarlracr

    I love the immediate satisfaction and tactile feel of using pastels for my paintings. They allow for the spontaneity of my moods when I see something I just have to paint, and the rich colors at a glance often inspire me to paint when I haven’t been in the mood.


    I would love these pastels! I am teaching myself, also using a lot of your articles and videos as reference and visuals. I want to become a pastel artist and this offer may just give me a great start ! I love all the info here,too. Hope to win

  23. Grape

    I used to use oil pastels in high school, but have since left the skill behind. I would love to try again, with any kind of pastel. The colors are so alluring – so vibrant and fun to blend.

  24. GinaTrue

    What inspires me to paint with pastel?

    What I can’t put into words, I can express with pastel. If a picture is worth a thousand words, I want them to be beautifully written.
    When I’m inspired, I want the world to be inspired with me.

  25. jenniferworsley

    I love having everything I need for working in pastel in one single box, all ready to set up when the right light appears. I seem to do my best work when its a situation for “painting into the effect”– the right light shows up after you have gotten the drawing and design down, so you can just focus on color at the end.

  26. Kalm80

    I love working with pastels. I started with Rembrants and was advised by a Patel artist I follow on Facebook to get Terry Ludwig’s and Sennelier. I’ve sold one painting already, painted with Rembrants

  27. kdago77

    I just took my first pastel class and am so excited. I would love this opportunity to win pastel supplies since my collection is extremely limited. It would be nice to experience different materials.

  28. dsmahnken

    I’ve been painting with pastels for about five years, and it’s my favorite medium. I love the immediacy and the spontaneity of pastels. I’m inspired to paint by looking around me — clouds, rocks and mountains are my favorite subjects — and whenever I get my hands on a new pastel set! There’s nothing like opening a brand new set of luscious pastels, especially Terry Ludwigs.

  29. mjmarmo

    I do not have any pastels but have seen them used. I would love to try them for flowers – large ones, small ones, all colors! I think these would be just gorgeous!!