Drawing Magazine Cover Countdown: #10

This fall, Drawing magazine is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and to get the festivities started, the Drawing Magazine Blog is looking back at 10 of our favorite covers. We’ll count down ten great issues, roughly one per week from now until the unveiling of our 10th anniversary issue.

The results of this countdown were determined by a rigorous and scientific system* that in no way relied on the mere personal preferences of the Drawing magazine staff. No, no—we would never do that.

If you’re relatively new to Drawing, hopefully you’ll discover some worthy artists both past and present, all of whose work we encourage you to explore further. And if you’re a longtime reader of Drawing, then enjoy this trip down the delicately rendered contours of memory lane. Without further ado…..

Cover #10: Winter 2011 Drawing, featuring Ian Ingram

Drawing winter 2011

Self-portraitist extraordinaire Ian Ingram (http://ianingram.com/) was the artist behind, as well as the subject of, this piercing cover. Ingram’s charcoal-and-pastel drawing is titled Eight Falling on Thirty, and the drawing is even more imposing in person, at more than three feet tall.

In addition to a wonderful profile of Ingram written by John Parks, the winter 2011 issue of Drawing featured:

• a guide to the basics of linework
• a lesson in botanical art
• a history of expressive figure drawing

If you’d like to take a late look inside this issue, you can download the magazine here. And check the Drawing Magazine Blog again next week for number 9 in our Cover Countdown!


*We should mention that by “rigorous and scientific,” we mean “completely subjective”

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