Drawing Magazine: Spring 2014 Table of Contents

We’re proud to present the spring 2014 issue of Drawing magazine, which focuses on the medium of ink, with articles about traditional methods of ink drawing, how contemporary artists are using ink in inventive ways, and the pen-and-ink artist Paul Madonna. Other topics include: how to draw simple symmetrical objects, the anatomy of male and female figures, the architectural drawings of Alyssa Dennis, and the winners of our second annual Shades of Gray competition.Drawing_Spr14

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Feature Articles:

Newsprint Poetry
Paul Madonna’s new take on the newspaper comic strip.
By John A. Parks

Fresh Ink
Seven artists, seven ways of using an ancient medium. Featuring Marcos Mateu-Mestre, Nicolas Delort, Mathew Borrett, Fred Lynch, Noli Novak, Yu-tang Yang, and Mattias Adolfsson.
By Charley Parker

12 Anatomical Differences Between Men and Women
Details to look for when drawing from life.
By Larry Withers
Click here to read an excerpt from this article.

Fantastic Spaces, Grounded in Reality
Alyssa Dennis’ imagined buildings and environments.
By Courtney Jordan

Rhapsody in Gray
Presenting the winners of our second annual competition. Featuring Junghoon Lee, Rodney Thompson, Dan Pyle, John McCartin, Emma Hirst, Terry Miller, Trevor Newman, Amber-rose Hulme, Susan Brinkmann, Philip Carpenter, Cathryne Trachok, Susan Wallace, Gerald Smith, and John Metido.
By Austin R. Williams
To see the winning drawings in this year’s competition, click here. You can also enter the 2014 competition here!

The Action’s the Thing
Patricia Hannaway on how to get energy and life in your drawings.
By Austin R. Williams


Material World: Ink Initiation
By Sherry Camhy

First Marks: From Scribbles to Symmetry
By Claire Watson Garcia

New and Notable: Leah Yerpe
By Austin R. Williams
For an online gallery from this article, click here.

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