Lets Do the Time Warp

Over the last week or so, I’ve come across a few time-lapse videos of people creating art, and even though they all aren’t drawing-specific, I wanted to share. I love watching time-lapse videos of art being made because you get to see the progress of something that could otherwise take months over the course of just a few minutes. And while they don’t exactly feature the more representational artwork that we regularly highlight in Drawing, I think they’re all worth a viewing.

The first is a video featuring Picasso, and shows him working on several different pieces, and with a few of them you get to see them progress from start to finish.

The second is a video of British illustrator Patrick Vale taking a freehand approach to drawing lower-Manhattan, as seen from the Empire State Building. Pretty remarkable stuff.

The third…well lets just say I’m a child of the eighties, and while the undertaking itself was impressive, I think it was the subject matter that ultimately kept me watching.


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