A Small Medium Goes Big!

by Beth Samek, Online Education Manager

creatingabstractsPastel comes in a small package, small sticks that blend and create a variety of effects. If you love working with pastels and love the portability that they provide, then you’re ready to go big in this colorful medium.

With new courses being added all the time, we are excited to have Suzanne Day and Debora Stewart heading our pastel department! We have several pastel options coming up, all of them featuring exciting color and great techniques. If you love working in your home or studio as your schedule allows then any one of these great pastel courses are perfect for you.

If you love experimenting and working with abstracts, the Creating Abstracts in Pastel with Debora Stewart is THE place to start. Her course gives you the opportunity to not only learn great lessons on how to compose a strong abstract piece but how to combine pastel colors without muddy results!

If you’re looking for something with a stronger drawing foundation the Suzanne’s course, Pastel Drawing with Your Right Mind, is the answer. It focuses on showing you how to use right mind drawing to strengthen your skills and then applies those newly learned lessons to working with pastels.

Artists that are more experienced in pastels shouldn’t miss the chance to get new perspective and feedback on their work with Suzanne’s 2nd pastel offering, Pastel Painting Art Critique Seminar. This seminar gives you the chance to get a professional critique on 3 completed pastel pieces. If you want to take your art to a new level, have more success in submitting your work in shows and contests, then this is the right course for you.

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