Cool Student Work from Artist’s Network Unversity (Literally!)

Cool Student Work from Artist’s Network University (Literally!)

By Beth Samek

After to talking to so many of our great instructors about what they love about teaching, I started to think about the experience of our students and the work they create in every session of every class. Our courses cover a wide range of media and subjects, and our students range form experienced artists to people looking to start their creative adventure. Many of the students at Artist’s Network University spend hours at their canvas, in their homes, studios or outdoors and the results are always inspiring! It’s great to hear from instructors about the experience of watching a student master a new technique, create a finished piece or just learn to enjoy something new about painting.

The results go way beyond just the finished pieces, as we all know, time spent creating art is never time wasted! It’s been an amazing part of my job at Artist’s Network University to get to see some of this work, often done by students who are new to painting or didn’t think that they could achieve their artistic goals!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some of that student work. Really, I could post every week for years with all the great artwork at Artist’s Network University. And there’s more being created in classes every day!

Maybe it’s the heat of summer, but these cooling watercolor pieces are especially exciting to me! Their cool effects were created in Joe Cibere’s Watercolor Waterfall Magic course.

Student: Soni McFarland

Session: Waterfall Watercolor Magic: Using Alternative Watercolor Techniques

A Word From the Artist:

“This ANU course is fabulous on many levels – the price for the amount of weeks & hours it allows; such a good, concise instructor who is very generous with his time. Joe gives such helpful critiques while praising the good parts & revealing the weak/or unsuccessful parts. No hurtful egos, just sound direction for better growth.” – Soni McFarland


Student: Jan Crook

Session: Waterfall Watercolor Magic: Using Alternative Watercolor Techniques

A Word From the Artist:

“Joe’s class intrigued me because I am a very detailed painter and this course helped me loosen up my style. His technique for painting the waterfalls was so easy and gave great results. His video instruction was top notch and very helpful. Joe was always encouraging and willing to provide answers to questions that I had, as well as suggestions for improvement in my painting. I enjoyed learning from Joe, the process, and the outcome of this course.” – Jan Crook

Jan Crook Waterfall

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