Fun-dational Skills | ANU Student Work

by Beth Samek, Online Education Manager Artist’s Network University

Oh no- what a terrible pun, but I couldn’t help it! Creating a foundation for your art maybe doesn’t sound like tons of fun, but it’s certainly important and, I like to think, fun in its own way! We’ve talked about getting started, different learning styles and much more in these blog posts. Seeing the student work come in it was easy to see these themes emerge, and I loved seeing all of them.

One of our foundational courses, Understanding Oil Paint: Foundations, Pigments, Glazing, and Optical Effects is a 2 week course where we offer students the opportunity to dig deep into the foundations of this classic medium, showing them how to create and mix different themes and create different effects. Daan Hoekstra leads the course and he shared the work of two students with me, showing me how practicing working with your medium of choice can help you lay a solid foundation for your future painting, giving you more freedom and confidence as you work!

Daan sent me the work of two students that he felt that they, “showed exemplary paint handling and control of glazing.” Any expert artist will tell you that those two skills can make a big difference in completed pieces!

Here is the piece from student, Gwen Pratt:

“I must say that Daan Hoekstra was an excellent instructor and gave very good direction during his course. I enjoy the learning that is available via the Artist Network University, a great way to “expand your horizons” while in your own home.” – Gwen Pratt

And here’s the same exercise from student Janet Marsh:

“I absolutely loved this course-it was very stimulating, and helped me improve on my glazing apart from filling other gaps. I would definitely attend courses by Daan Hoekstra again.” – Janet Marsh

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