Growing at Artist’s Network University

by Beth Samek, Online Education Manager

Just a year ago Artist’s Network University offered just 3 courses per week, we now offer more than double that and we’re adding courses all the time. This year of growth at ANU has also seen the addition of more than a dozen masterful instructors who work in watercolor, pastel, mixed media, plein air, acrylics, oil and more.

We’re excited to watch as our site reaches more and more students around the world and we’re excited to share the new offerings yet to come!

Learning online gives students the opportunity to work in their own space and on their own time while still getting great feedback and guidance from some of the top art instructors around. As we grow we’re always looking for more great instructors. If you’re interested in teaching with us check out more information here. Each course is different, created by the instructors that lead them, featuring readings, videos, tips from the teachers and other instructional tools.

Our online format gives us the ability to offer courses repeatedly, so you can catch the right course for you at the right time. In addition to our great classes and instructors we’ve also added great features, like our Facebook group, and course calendar helping you stay connected to fellow students and instructors and planning your own courses months in advance.

If you’re just getting started in art, then don’t miss our great series of beginning courses starting soon.


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