Landscapes Go Big! | ANU Student Work

by Beth Samek, Online Education Manager at Artist’s Network University

Painting Larger Landscapes in Oil with John Lintott is a new course we offer here at ANU. It encourages students to see their art in a new- bigger- way! By using a larger-than-average canvas you can compose and create landscapes with experienced art instructor, John Lintott. He loves that the larger composition includes a unique perspective and, of course, more of the beautiful natural world!

When I asked for exceptional student work, John didn’t hesitate to share Michael Weavers’ piece with me. I think it captures something special about summer and makes me long for a beach vacation! Its strong composition and the blend of colors really pops on a larger canvas, I think you’ll agree.

John said that Michael’s work was stellar, bold, and made his job as an instructor pretty difficult. Michael said that he appreciated John’s mentorship throughout the course and enjoyed each week tremendously!

If you’re interested in taking the leap, painting on a larger canvas, then be sure to check out the August session of John Lintott’s course, Painting Larger Landscapes in Oil!

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