Springtime at Artist’s Network University

by Beth Samek, Online Education Manager

March has arrived, and as we near closer to the end of winter, we are already seeing the beginnings of spring! Here in Colorado we’re starting our wild swing into the warmer months, with one day dumping snow and the next, a perfect Bluebird day! And those beautiful days are reminding us of new beginnings, and the opportunity to bring some new creative endeavors into the fold.

Artist’s Network University is gearing up for spring as well, bringing new instructors and courses to our calendar each week. We’re excited to be introducing you to these courses and sharing our work with our artistic community. If you’ve taken a course with us, please be sure to join us at our Facebook group here and if you haven’t joined us yet, there are plenty of courses to fit your online learning needs.

Whether you love watercolor or want to explore mixed media, we can help you master new techniques and get advice, guidance and feedback from top artists and instructors.

One of the great things about art that art can be created anywhere, a few tools are all you need to express yourself! Whether you love to venture out into your neighborhood to discover interesting compositions or love getting comfortable in your home studio, mixing paints all day long you can always be making, creating, painting, drawing.

With Artist’s Network University you can take that to a new level, accessing the course as it fits in your schedule, getting feedback from top quality instructors each week and getting questions to all your burning questions!

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