Student Art Show at Artist’s Network University

by Beth Samek, Online Education Manager

I’m happy to return to the Artist’s Network blog this week to share some additional pieces from students in our courses at Artist’s Network University.

Our courses include a wide variety of subjects, media and approaches and each student interacts with instructors to advance and improve their own skills. The pieces featured in this ‘art show’ are just a few examples of what’s possible with online learning.

To find out more about upcoming courses please visit our course calendar and find all course open for registration here.

ElisabethMacyElisabeth Macy, Pouring Watercolor with Annette Raff

“I thoroughly enjoyed taking the Pouring Watercolor course. Annette’s enthusiasm for this method was contagious, and she was always encouraging. I appreciated how clearly the assignments were laid out, and how quickly Annette responded to my questions despite the time difference. I highly recommend this course for anyone who enjoys watercolor, or for those who just want to try something new. It was a wonderful learning experience.” said Elisabeth. Annette added, “I think it is one of my favourite examples of student’s work in the Pouring Watercolor course,” she said.




Gwin Willis, Drawing for Beginners with Grant Fuller

“I look forward to taking Grant Fuller’s next course on drawing domestic animals – using charcoal or pencil,” said Gwin.


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