Take Two! | ANU Student Work

by Beth Samek, Online Education Manager at Artist’s Network University

As the community manager for Artist’s Network University it’s always great to see students come back for more courses with us after their first experience. With so many different types of courses and differing approaches from different instructors there really is a lot to explore and experiment with on our site. As an aspiring artist it can be difficult to find one instructor you really enjoy. I like to think we have a whole team of great instructors that are dedicated to guiding and supporting all their students.

In my series of sharing student work I was excited to see two pieces from our student, Sharon Kendall, both featuring interesting, emotive portraits from two completely separate courses! I love how you can see the change in style and perspective between the two courses while they both remain so uniquely Sharons’ work!

On the left is Sharons’ final piece from Mano Sotelo’s course, Accurate Figure Drawing and on the right is Sharon’s piece from Betti Pettinati-Longinotti’s course, Drawing Portraits in Pencil and Charcoal.

“I have had a great learning experience in the classes I have taken with ANU,” said Sharon. “This has provided me an opportunity I would not have been able to have. Mano and Betti have been wonderful instructors. Their classes provide skills which build upon each other and provide greater challenges each time. By the end of the class I have learned new skills and have created a piece I am proud of. I always hate to have the class come to an end and am continually looking forward to the next one.”

There are courses starting every week at Artist’s Network University – so you won’t have to wait long! Check them all out here!

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