Tangling: The Artful Combination of Zen and Fun

My level of artistic ability is slim to nil. Though, often I long for an outlet of artistic expression. I find that outlet in tangling.






Tangling is:
• easy to learn and easy to do
• simple and self-soothing
• stress reduction and therapy for the artist in all of us

Being fully engaged in the tangle, my mind and body can untangle – you can tangle away to de-stress your day.

A tangle morphs into what looks like a complicated drawing, though tangles are built one simple line at a time. Tangles grow and combine, in an unplanned way, that twist, turn, and take unique directions only you, the individual tangler, can create. Best of all, for a type A person like me, there are no mistakes in tangling, only opportunities to create new, unique tangles.

I love to mail, yes, snail mail, hand written notes to friends, family, and loved ones. My favorite use for my tangles is to create unique, personalized cards to brighten someone’s day.

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Artist’s Network University now brings the art craze, tangling, to you. This fascinating art form is for any and all levels of artisans, hobbyists, and want-to-bes alike. Register to tangle – unlike the tango, it only takes one.

In the course, Beginning the Art of Tangling, instructor Tiffany Lovering, will help you explore the world of tangling. Together, you will go step-by-step through 30 tangle patterns; you will start with beginner patterns and progress to the intermediate level. You’ll also learn how to incorporate coloring and shading into your tangles to create your own unique, beautiful art to keep or share with others.

Register today to take this course. Engage yourself in a relaxing, artful lifestyle.   After all, we can all use a little more zen in our life.

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