Inspired by Winter

Two inches of snow is resting on the branches of the tulip poplar outside my window. The pond behind my house, frozen and still, doesn’t seem to recall the laughter it has provided as my family and I would catch the biggest fish you’ve ever seen (wink, wink).

And just now, when I stood at the kitchen door and looked outside at the back porch, a shadow from the garage fell across the deck. A sharp diagonal line of shadow met a blinding, sparkling sea of white where the sun found its way to the ground. I felt like I was looking at a painting.

It was beautiful.

So on this day, as many of us in America are hearing about (if not experiencing for ourselves) the snow that’s blanketed our land, I wonder how many of us are visually inspired.  Chime in and share your thoughts on this unpredictable season of reliable beauty.

And, one more thing I’d like to share…this winter picture is of a charming statue on the banks of the Ohio River. An anonymous passerby had kindly placed a woven hat on this quiet man.

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