Marjorie Glick Watercolor Gallery

WCA_1010_Glick_Conservatory.jpgThe enchanting, large-scale watercolor landscapes of October issue cover artist Marjorie Glick explore the idyllic beauty of New England’s islands, forests, waterfalls and floral vistas. Moved by beauty, grandeur, weather, space, light and air, the artist is captivated by natural beauty and the deep archetypal metaphors ascribed to it in many artistic genres, from fairytales to the monumental works of the Hudson River School.

Click here to view an online-exclusive gallery of additional enchanting  watercolors by Glick, such as Conservatory, Winter Light (at right; 48×36)—and the stories behind them—and read Meredith E. Lewis’ feature on the artist in the October 2010 issue of Watercolor Artist.


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