2011 Pastels Convention | Save the Date

Excitement is already building in anticipation of the Ninth Biennial Convention of the International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS), which will be held in Albuquerque, N.M., next spring, from June 2 to 5. IAPS President Maggie Price informs me that we’ll be able to read all the details about the 2011 Convention—and register online!!—beginning tomorrow, September 1 at 9:00 a.m. (eastern) on the IAPS website.

Maggie also shared some of the new developments for the 2011 convention, so even if you’ve attended every previous gathering, you’ll want to note what’s new:

First, the pre- and post-convention workshops, together with the opening of the IAPS 18th Juried Exhibition and the first Master Circle Exhibition on June 1, means that the optional events will span an additional four days beyond the conference. Also, there will be more one-day workshops, juried Master Classes, and many other new options at the Convention.

Also notable are three Showcase Demonstrations featuring top-name pastel artists whom everyone wants to see. To avoid disappointment when popular demonstrations fill quickly, the Showcase Demonstrations will be in a larger room with audio-visual so more people can attend and everyone will be able to see details of the painting in process on a large screen. These demonstrations will be happening Friday, June 3 and Saturday, June 4. Here are some details:

Albert Handell
: Portrait of a Tree

Albert will work from start to finish with pastels, explaining in detail the drawing and painting concepts that he incorporates in his pastel paintings of trees. As he proceeds in color, he will explain, paint and demonstrate the importance of the specific local color of trees and the subtle variations of color found throughout the tree.  Then with richly colored greens, harmonized by complementary mauves of the same value, he will show you how to paint the summer greenery and foliage of the tree.  [Click here to see more tips and technique with Albert on our website.]

Elizabeth Mowry: Exploring Subtle Nuances of Mist or Haze in Landscape Painting
Elizabeth will demonstrate the importance of subtle and gradual value changes to portray the quiet mood of misty or hazy conditions commonly found and encountered in nature. She will illustrate the use of a restricted palette to unify the atmospheric background conditions with additional interest and color in the foreground. [Click here to read an interview with Elizabeth on our website.]

mckinley_head.jpgmckinley-water.jpgRichard McKinley—The Three Stages of a Painting
Using a canal scene from Oregon as inspiration, Richard will demonstrate his three-stage painting process of “Sensitivity, Serendipity, and Solution.” A bold/creative underpainting will set the stage in advance of pastel application. The concepts of compositional design, value relationship, color harmony, atmospheric perspective, focal point, bridging, threading, and setting bookends will be discussed throughout the presentation as the painting unfolds. [Click here to visit Richard’s Pastel Pointers blog.]

To learn more about IAPS and the 2011 Convention, visit the IAPS website at http://www.pastelinternational.com. Hope to see you in Albuquerque!


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