A Large Slice of Monet

monet12.jpgIf your plans find you in New Mexico next weekend, here’s something you might want to see: On March 29 (1-5 p.m. in Los Alamos, New Mexico), Karen West and Santa Fe artist Ke’vin Bowers will unveil Bowers’ newest work, A Slice of Monet—the largest pastel Bowers has created—which was commissioned by West. Here’s the story on its origins, according to the two:

“Ke’vin met Karen in October of 2007 at an Arts and Crafts fair in Los Alamos, where they began talking about his creating a work of art that would fill her 14 ft high wall. Her love of Monet’s water lilies was the beginning of a conversation that led to the commission. Karen had been admiring Ke’vin’s water lily series that Ke’vin had been working on.

“After several months of work, going up and down the scaffolding, A Slice of Monet was finally completed. For protection, it was covered with a piece of Plexiglas measuring 126×54 inches. It took three people to install the piece on the wall of Karen’s home; they stood back and gazed with great satisfaction: It definitely fills the wall and room making a dramatic statement.

“Ke’vin video taped the time spent working on A Slice of Monet and plans to make a DVD showing the whole artistic process.”

Check out more of his process on his website.

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