A Pastel Journal Exclusive: On the Scene at MoMA

DSC07684_2.jpgIf you haven’t already seen it, there’s still plenty of time to catch Lucian Freud: The Painter’s Etchings at MoMA. The show runs through March 10, 2008 and promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Freud, grandson of the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, is known as one of the foremost figurative artists working today. Visitors to the exhibition will be treated to a rare sampling of the artist’s etchings, which play an important role in his artistic life.

Visit an exceptional online version of the exhibition here. And read a first-hand account of the show from our own artist-on-the-scene, Group Publisher, David Pyle:

The Lucian Freud show is a stunner. One of those rare shows that leaves you with an altered and shifted sense of self. I felt like I’d been given some kind of ‘hyper-clarity’ drug after being immersed in Freud’s portraits, and was, somehow, seeing other people in the museum, not as faceless passersby (which we all do in an people-packed environment), but as fascinating subjects of portraits themselves. I found myself staring at everyone, feeling as if I could unravel their pasts through their faces. Extraordinary and more that a little overwhelming – it’s quite challenge trying to grasp the stories of every visitor to a major museum on a Saturday afternoon in Manhattan. Not to mention irritating for all those that were subjected to my stare as they passed within my hyper-clarity sphere!

Photo courtesy of David Pyle

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