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Time is on Your Side

Welcome to the newest evolution of the Artists Network blogs. I’m Cherie, the online editor who will bring you doses of inspiration, free step-by-step drawing and painting lessons and more from The Artist’s Magazine, Pastel Journal, Watercolor Artist and North Light Shop each week. I’ve been a part of this sisterhood of art publications for several years, most recently as associate editor of The Artist’s Magazine, where, with great pleasure, I brought interesting stories about artists to our faithful readers. I can’t wait to share more with you here.

abstract pastel landscape by Barbara Noonan

Quilted (pastel, 14×13) by Barbara Noonan

A little about me: I not only love art in all of its forms, but I also love artists and all of our unique personalities and talents. To create something from nothing takes creativity and knowledge, and then to share it–what a monumental step. I’m always honored when I see that someone is bold enough to say (literally or symbolically), “I created this, here it is, like it or not.” Of course, we do usually hope that our audience likes it. 😉 By showing art to anyone, we share a piece of ourselves, and once it’s in the public we have to let the public own it; to translate its meaning, to disregard or appreciate it. Once it becomes a part of their memory, we have no control. And, that can be freeing.

Of course, it’s also important to study the work of others so that we can learn from and be inspired by it. Great things can come from this, whether you’ve been drawing and painting since you developed motor skills as a toddler, or whether you’ve had many moons to realize that you need art in your life.

Pastelist Barbara Noonan is one such artist who took her first portrait drawing class at 40 years old, when she realized that she had to actively make time for art. Later she discovered the work of Bob Gerbracht, and the rest is history. Noonan’s abstract landscapes are simplified versions of life; slow down, take it easy, they say. Her painting Quilted (above; pastel, 14×13) is one example. Time is on your side, it says to me.

Noonan’s work is featured in the February issue of Pastel Journal, available at North Light Shop. Get even more pastel instruction and inspiration when you get your copy of the 2012 Pastel Journal Annual CD, included in our Successful Pastels Value Pack that’s currently 20% off. It’s an opportunity for you to slow down, take it easy; close the door to your studio space and paint as you continue to learn.

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