An Addition to the Family

Picture 11.pngI’m pleased to share some exciting news! The vibrant, bustling online community WetCanvas! is now part of our F+W Publications family—the parent company of The Pastel Journal, as well as The Artist’s Magazine, Watercolor Magic, North Light Books and the North Light Book Club. If you aren’t familiar with the site, go for a visit, but be warned: It can feel a bit like dropping into the middle of New York City at first, so maybe start your tour in the pastel neighborhood. To post replies and get active, you’ll need to become a member, which is simple and free!

If you’re already a member of WetCanvas!, view our publisher’s welcome and take the attached survey so you can tell us what you like about WetCanvas!, and what you think are opportunities for enhancement.

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4 thoughts on “An Addition to the Family

  1. Michael Chesley Johnson

    As a long-time member of WetCanvas and a long-time writer for F&W Publications (The Pastel Journal, The Artist’s Magazine and Watercolor Magic), I am glad to hear the news. WetCanvas has been a valuable resource over the years, and it’s been a pleasure to contribute to that community.

  2. Anne

    To your question, Mike, about the Artist’s Network Forum. The forum is a thriving community of its own, and there are no plans to discontinue it.

    As to the technical glitch, Gert. I will investigate — or have someone savvier investigate — the question.

  3. Gert Martini

    Please note I tried for 10 minutes to repeatedly create an account with the WET CANVAS site, but it keeps insisting that I am not entering the correct "code" info. Do you know if this is a recurring problem? Their sample newsletters are over a year old.