And the Winner Is

Collectionwithacorns.jpgThe water-cooler conversation today is all Oscar-related, but there’s another awards show that’s got us excited at The Pastel Journal.
In the current April issue, we reveal the winners of our 9th Annual
Pastel 100, and we couldn’t be more excited if we were the Academy of
Motion Pictures’ Board of Govenors!

South Bend, Ind., artist
Ron Monsma took the top Jack Richeson/Unison Pastels Best of Show
award for his pastel still life, Collection With Acorns (shown here). I
talked to the artist about his prize-winning painting and his passion
for pastels and the still life. You can view an online slideshow with
audio extracts from our conversation right here. To see all five top
prize-winning works and read excerpts from our interviews with the
artists, visit our website.

We may not have the red carpet and
the designer gowns, but we do get the April issue a little dressed up
for this occasion—with extra pages and a fancy perfect binding—to
better showcase the 100 exceptional pastels within.

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