Animal Art

We’re just wrapping up the May/June issue of the magazine and readying it for the printer (on sale at newsstands May 13). In it, we’re running a special feature with short profiles of five pastel artists whose art is inspired by animals and wildlife. Perhaps because I’ve just been reading about animals and art, I was particularly amused to run into this video on YouTube—a surprising twist on the idea of animal artist! After watching the video, you can read about Paya’s first gallery show here.

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5 thoughts on “Animal Art

  1. Paula W


    This is an incredible video. I knew some elephants painted, but I didn’t know that any really tried to render a representation of anything. What a remarkable feat and sign of a highly developed, abstract and genuine intelligence. I wonder what it would do if it were exposed to some real human artists and artwork.

  2. Wendy DeHart

    Can this be so? I’ve just read "A New Earth " by Eckhart Tolle in which he discusses the fact that creativity does not come from thinking but from the awareness of being. What better proof than this? This is a real "AHA" moment!