Another Summer Showstopper

I’m pleased to announce a gallery show opening for another favorite pastel artist, Brian Cobble (see his second-place winning landscape and profile in the April 2009 issue of The Pastel Journal). The new show, “The Edge of Town,” opens this Friday at the Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden in Dallas and runs through July 3.

Cobble’s meticulously executed pastels—which often depict familiar, everyday scenes from the American landscape—possess a powerful emotional quality. Here’s an excerpt from Roger Winter’s essay, “The Poetry of Facts,” published in the retrospective catalogue.

He [Cobble] has come to accept the fact that low production can lead to under appreciation in the short run, but he also knows that his gifts of perception and discrimination are rare, and that they can only be manifested through disciplined work. This knowledge is enough to bring him into his studio at 7 o’clock each morning for a ten to twelve hour workday. We are the beneficiaries of his faith, his patience, his insistence and persistence. In a clamoring market-driven art world, Brian Cobble’s contribution is, indeed, blessed assurance to each of us that delicacy of drawing and subtlety of sight still exist.

If you can’t get to Dallas, check out the gallery’s website preview with 24 pieces, including black-and-white and hand-colored linoleum prints, as well as pastels.

[pictured above] Prom Night (2009; pastel, 24 3/4 x 38 1/2) by Brian Cobble

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