Artist Website of the Week: Robert K. Carsten


This week’s website belongs to an artist who will be familiar to PJ readers: Robert K. Carsten. He’s a frequent contributor to the magazine (he wrote the feature on Chilean-born artist Claudio Bravo for the June issue, for example) and a popular workshop instructor. His website features a pair of slideshows that makes viewing large images of many of his paintings a quick and easy task for visitors–I love that about it.

On his site, Carsten remarks of his work, “More
and more, it has become the achievement of a painterly luminosity that
is my pursuit. A certain luminescence, that appears to glow from within
as well as from an external light source, as much felt as it is seen,
has become the well-spring of my inspiration.”

By the way, the above painting, Renewal (Vernal Equinox), won the “Best in Show” award at the 3rd Annual Northeast National Pastel Exhibition at the Old Forge Arts Center in Old Forge, NY.

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2 thoughts on “Artist Website of the Week: Robert K. Carsten

  1. Mary Ann Cimino

    I am fairly new to pastels, about 3 years now, I love this painting!! I have been working on simple compositions, flowers,fruit,etc. You have inspired me to moved me to expand my horizons and be more creative. . Your work looks like an oil painting. I am moving forward.Thank you for that. Mary Ann Cimino

  2. Jane E. Bauer

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful painting. While looking at it I recognized the tall thin pottery jug in the left hand side. My grandmother, an artist, often painted the same jug which I now have. I am told it was used by Russian troops years ago to carry and drink water. Does Carsten know the history of this jug? I am inspired to use this in a painting with other interesting jugs and containers. Thanks for the inspiration. Jane