Artwork of Olympic Proportions On Display Aug. 11

olympics.jpgIn honor of today’s opening of the 2008 Summer Olympics, we highlight a painting of, well, Olympic scale. According to the event’s website, a Chinese father-daughter art team, Liu Ningyi and Liu Haomei, presented their oil painting scroll, Ode to the Olympics, at a press conference Wednesday.

The painting, which took seven years to complete, measures 5 by 112 meters (representing the number of Olympic rings and the number of years in the history of the Olympics, respectively). Prominent figures from Greek mythology, philosophers and standout athletes from Olympics past all make appearances in the piece, created to portray the history of the event and depict the mottos of “Swifter, Higher, Stronger” and “Peace, Friendship, Progress.”

The painting will be on display at Beijing’s International Exhibition Center starting Aug. 11.

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