Behind the Scenes at the Pastel 100

anne.jpgIn the event that you missed our bi-weekly newsletter on Tuesday, check out an image from behind the scenes at our biggest competition yet. That’s editor Anne Hevener (at left), struggling to breath beneath a pile of slide entries. Though the vast majority of this year’s entries were digital, we did see our fair share of slides–a sign, perhaps, that the shift to digital is almost, but not quite, complete.

Recently, Anne shared her thoughts on this year’s competition:

“I think my eyes are starting to bug out, but I love having the opportunity to do this. It’s an incredible experience to see so many paintings all at once, because you get such a dramatic example of how every artist is able to bring a unique vision to his or her subject. It’s wonderful to see. And always inspiring. And I’m certainly glad I don’t have the tough task that we’re about to pass to our jurors—that of narrowing down these entries to only 20, with five top place winners, in their category. Talk about challenging!”

Stay tuned for more competition news as we anxiously await the news from our jurors.

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