Browsing for Art Books Just Got Easier

Last week, our company’s fine art online shop,, underwent an enormous expansion to include an additional 15,000 art titles! I like to think of it as the of the online shopping world.

You’ll still find issues of The Pastel Journal, its magazine counterparts (Watercolor Artist, The Artist’s Magazine and Southwest Art) and a growing collection of art instruction titles (like Richard McKinley’s new Pastel Pointers book) from our company’s North Light Books imprint, but you’ll also find a whole host of artist biographies, art history, historical novels, reference guides and more from a variety of publishers. When I searched Edgar Degas, I discovered 18 book and gift-type products, including the title Edgar Degas: The Last Landscapes (pictured here) which I’m eager to study—not to mention pages of “related” works on Impressionism and 19th-century French and European art in general.

Check it out and start building your own holiday Wish List!

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