Come and See the Sites

Our new website is now live, and I invite you—if you haven’t already—to come for a visit. Before you do, take a moment to bookmark the new URL for The Pastel Journal homepage which is While you’re at it, bookmark the new URL for The Pastel Journal blog too, which is

Picture 51.pngThe Pastel Journal homepage will be your easiest path to finding out what’s new on the site for pastel artists, but you can also search articles by pastel under the drop-down list of media. Note too that each image in the visual slideshow is a live link to an article, gallery, current issue or video.

When you look around, you’ll soon discover that The Pastel Journal site is only one
neighborhood in a larger community for fine artists, because the new site combines our content with that of our sister magazines, Watercolor Artist and The Artist’s Magazine,
and you’re sure to find a lot to inspire and inform from these
publications as well. A few hints: Anytime you click the magazine logos at the
upper-left of a page, you’ll
return to the main page for this larger Artist’s Network with content from all three publications. But, any time you want to return to The Pastel Journal home page, click the magazine title in the very top right of any page on the site.

It may feel at first like you’re driving through unfamiliar territory, but we hope you’ll take the time to look around and get
acquainted. And then, ya’ll come back now, ya hear?

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