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Pastel Journal recently asked a few movers and shakers in the pastel universe to tell us about up-and-coming artists who’ve caught their attention this year. And the pastel artists they included in their must-watch lists so far certainly know how to turn heads.

Have we peaked your interest? You can be ahead of the curve by getting to know these seven rising artists of 2017!

Melodie Cook

7 Up-And-Coming Artists | Pastel | Melodie Cook | Artists Network

Nancy Trotter Landry and Bobby—Giffords Circus by Melodie Cook


Melodie Cook began her artistic career in the Italian fashion industry. After 18 years, she left to set up a design studio. There, she worked on art and illustrations for children’s books, stationery, ceramics and glass.

After a few years, she returned to England to study fine art in London. Cook was elected as a member of The Pastel Society U.K. this past spring.

Ivan Hoo

7 Up-And-Coming Artists | Pastel | Ivan Hoo | Artists Network

Goldendoodle by Ivan Hoo, pastel, charcoal and ink on plywood


Ivan Hoo is a self-taught artist out of Singapore. His hyperrealistic paintings of fuzzy bunnies and friendly dogs have been featured in The Huffington Post.

The artist also paints still life. But he favors the everyday objects of a 21st-century consumer, such as spilling jars of Nutella and crushed Starbucks cups, for his trompe l’oeil treatment.

Anne Strutz

7 Up-And-Coming Artists | Pastel | Anne Strutz | Artists Network

Hanging Out in the 21st Century by Anne Strutz


A lover of art from an early age, Anne Strutz pursued this passion throughout her work as a designer, teacher and artist. Her works in pastel have been accepted into several major shows, including the International Association of Pastel Societies’ 28th Juried Exhibition at the Salmagundi Club in New York City.

Claudine Gévry

Up-And-Coming Artists | Pastel | Claudine Gévry | Artists Network

Winter Lights by Claudine Gévry


When not spending time on her own fine art painting, Claudine Gévry works as a children’s book illustrator. She has contributed art to more than 70 books so far.

All of her illustrations are done with soft pastels, which has helped her develop her techniques in the medium.


Antonio Abad

7 Up-And-Coming Artists | Pastel | Antonio Abad | Artists Network

Dunes, No. 1 by Antonio Abad (19¾x27½)


Antonio Abad’s body of pastel work, shown widely throughout Spain, includes landscape and seascape, and still life subjects, excecuted with a painterly touch.


Gary Rupp

7 Up-And-Coming Artists | Pastel | Gary Rupp | Artists Network

Serenity by Gary Rupp


Gary Rupp’s interest in art, which he studied in college, was reawakened 10 years ago when he began taking classes again. Now retired, he is been able to focus full-time on pastel painting.

His work has appeared in a number of local and national-level exhibitions.

Glinda Schafer

7 Up-And-Coming Artists | Pastel Artists | Pastel Art | Glinda Schafer | Artists Network

Cocodrie Saltwater Marsh (24×36)


Although she has made her home in a variety of locations, Glinda Schafer has always lived near the coast, and her love of water has been a major source of inspiration and a recurring theme in her artwork.

Who are some of your favorite pastel artists? Be sure to share them with us in the comments!



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