Get Your Paws on The PJ Back Issues You’re Missing

While trolling the web, as I am often wont to do, I noticed that some folks are selling back issues of The Pastel Journal on eBay. After the first flush of flattery passed–some of the prices were impressively high!–I thought about readers paying three or four times what they would pay, if they visited our store, and it about broke my heart. We know that many of you covet your back issues of the magazine as though they were printed on gold leaf–we covet our own collections of the magazine too–and we know that sometimes a copy disappears inexplicably or grows legs or is a casualty of beverage misplacement, which is why we’re glad we’re able to offer back issues at $8 or $9 a copy. It’s a pretty good deal. Incidentally, if you’re interested in a little stroll through PJ history, the store is your place. It’s a little like looking at photos of yourself taken 10 years ago–you see yourself and your own potential simultaneously and very clearly.

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