Hobbies and Your Health

A New York Times article confirms what we already know: having a creative hobby is good for us. According to the article, medical experts confirm that hobbies stimulate creativity and help sharpen one’s focus. In a nutshell, when we’re doing something we enjoy, our concentration releases chemicals in our brain that provide a boost of energy and increase motivation. So, I know this, and you know this, but do your workaholic friends know this? For those you know whose job is their hobby, let them know: Having a hobby improves job
performance. Gail McMeekin, owner of a career coaching
company, was quoted in the article as saying, “Any time you take a break from routine, you develop new
ways of thinking.” Anytime we nurture creativity, then, we unleash new ways of
thinking, new ways of doing things, and the next big idea.

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