How to Create Better Paintings

Last month, the F+W Media Fine Art Group launched a new series of webinars. These live, one-hour, online classes can be attended from the comfort of your own home or office. My colleague, Maureen Bloomfield at The Artist’s Magazine, and I conducted the last event on Shows & Competitions. Webinar participants raised a bunch of really good questions, and Maureen and I certainly enjoyed sharing our experiences, opinions and advice.

The next webinar event, “The Simple Secret to Better Painting,” is coming up on Tuesday, July 14. In this latest webinar, artist and North Light Books author Greg Albert will be sharing his expertise on the subject of composition and design. The discussion will include such topics as varying intervals between picture elements, creating interesting shapes and croppings, achieving dynamic balance, creating an entertaining path for the eye, and more. These are the sorts of ideas that can turn our pretty good paintings into truly winning works of art.

Click here to register now for your seat in the class—and have your questions ready!

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