Jon Friedman on the National Stage, Again!

Remember Jon Friedman, the “Master of Illusion,” from the December 2010 issue? Well, he is continuing to master other artistic ventures with the latest being Portrait of Bill and Melinda Gates. The work was commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery in Washington and will hang among many other famous portraits. The gallery chooses portrait inductees based on their substantial cultural influence on society. Friedman, therefore, highlights the couples’ contribution with an image from their charitable foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in the background.  The Gates were selected because their lives reflect the American story, and through Friedman’s art, he continues to contribute to the nation’s narrative as well.

Click here to view Friedman’s painting and learn more about the National Portrait Gallery.

If you missed our feature on the illustrious artist, click here to download your copy of the December 2010 issue of The Pastel Journal.





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