Let the Game Begin

The Summer Olympics are in full-swing now, and I am spellbound by the spirit of competition. I’m also, frankly, feeling a little sad that I never took up fencing. But hey, if fencing isn’t your sport either, but pastel-painting is, then let me remind you about another top-level contest that also celebrates talent, skill and the drive for excellence: The 10th Annual Pastel 100. With five grand prizes, five winners in five categories, as well as honorable mentions in all categories, there are not just three, but 100 opportunities to “medal.” The deadline is September 1, so that gives you three weeks to get in the game. For all the details, check out our competition guidelines.

painting_demo36.JPGAnd speaking of the Pastel 100, this year’s Best of Show award-winner, Ron Monsma, featured in our April 2008 issue, came to town Saturday as the latest guest artist in the Miller Gallery’s “Summer Artist Demonstration Series.” This photo, provided by local artist and photographer, Shannon Godby, gives you a taste. You can see a slideshow of Monsma’s pastel work and portions of my April interview with him on our website.

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