March Championships

It’s March Madness time again, a season I look forward to every year (even if I haven’t watched a single basketball game up to this point). But you know what’s funny about the tourament? Even though I know I filled out my bracket last year and watched many, many games, I can’t recall what team won the championship game! Let’s pause while I google [pause]. Oh yes, it was North Carolina over Michigan State. I was rooting for Michigan State (Duke alumni are not allowed to root for the Tar Heels). But here’s my question: Is it the same for Pastel 100 champions?

If you’ve seen the latest April issue of The Pastel Journal, you know that artist Don Rantz took top honors in this year’s Pastel 100 competition for his amazing desert vista, Home of the Ancients (shown here). But do you remember who earned Best of Show last year? How about the top winner in 2007? 2006? 2005? Maybe you have a neat, orderly stash of all of your old issues of the magazine that you can turn to in cases such as these. But if your archive is a little more, well, back-of-the-closet than that, you may want to think about collecting The Pastel Journal on CD. Here’s how the CD can help: Who won the Best of Show award in the 6th Annual Pastel 100 in 2005? Well, let me pop the 2005 Pastel Journal CD into my computer [pause]. Now I’ll just click on the April issue; click on Table of Contents, and then select “Best of Show.” Voila! The Best of Show winner that year was Paula Lawson. And yes, indeed, her landscape, Laguna Madre, Sunset, is magnificent.

Z8030.jpgAnd here’s the other reason I like the CDs. The title of Lawson’s painting just brought sunsets to mind, and I have this idea that there was an article about skies in the magazine some time in 2005. But what issue? With the CD, I can use the search tool; type in “sunset” and I get three documents, and nine “sunset” instances. One of the documents is “The Color of Light and Air,” a special feature with Paul Murray, Stan Sperlak and Donna Levinstone about painting skies from the October 2005 issue. That print issue is no longer available, but you can get it on the 2005 CD.

If you think you might enjoy doing obscure searches like this and want to start your own Pastel Journal CD archive, you’ll find collections of all the issues from 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 and 2005 in our online shop. And, right now, you can get copies of the 2005 CD, the 2006 CD and the 2007 CD for $14 each—that’s about 50% off the regular price. It’s like our own little March Madness sale!

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