McKinley on the Poetry of Painting

If you’re a regular reader of the Pastel Pointers blog (, you’re already well acquainted with the talents and sage-like abilities of artist Richard McKinley. In addition to his blog contributions, McKinley appears regularly in The Pastel Journal as a columnist, but this month, he’s also starring on the cover of The Artist’s Magazine! Here’s a snippet:

What really gets me going in landscape is the vastness—it’s overwhelming!—so it can be hard sometimes for landscape painters to understand the intimacy and the poetic quality we can bring to the subject matter. None of us gets an award for just being right with the landscape. You can look at a landscape and say, “Well, that’s beautiful,” but so is a photograph. The landscape artists we really admire bring something more to the plate than accuracy. And it’s a constant challenge to do that.

If you want to read Christine McHugh’s complete interview with the pastel Hall of Famer, check out the July/August issue of The Artist’s Magazine on newsstands or click here to visit our online shop.


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