New Terry Ludwig Cityscape Pastels

Terry Ludwig and the Salmagundi Club have made it all the easier to paint the town, having recently created a 60-piece Cityscape Set for those colors necessary for depicting buildings, cars, traffic lights and other aspects of the “urban jungle.” The colors came from Ludwig’s existing palette of colors, with the exception of the new “stoplight green” (pictured on the left of the box) that was created for the Salmagundi Club. (Note: This image is not color correct; it was taken with my iPhone.)

Intended initially to be a fund-raiser for the club, the set is in limited distribution and is only available through Terry Ludwig and the Salmagundi Club. Two versions of the set, a 30-piece and the 60-piece, are available through the Salmagundi Club. Ludwig is only offering the 60-piece set.


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