Pastel Book on Blog

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There are many ways to get your reading done these days: You can listen to a book on tape; read it on a Kindle (or very soon an iPad); or you can pick up one of those printed editions, you know, those books with paper pages between two covers.

When pastel artist (and Pastel Journal contributing writer/columnist) Deborah Secor decided to do something with the book-size collection of material she’d compiled over many years as a pastel instructor, she decided to publish it chapter by chapter on a blog: Call it the 21st-century version of reading novelists, like Dickens, in serialized installments.

With weekly posts, Secor has shared what she knows about a number of pastel- and landscape-painting topics including: materials, surfaces and effects, getting started, values, landscape subjects, aerial perspective, and mountains. Visit the blog to read these first few chapters, and then sign up to become a follower so you won’t miss any new posts, including the next one, chapter 7, on skies (coming soon).

For more pastel instruction from Deborah Secor, check out her two videos available on DVD or as digital downloads at the North Light Shop.

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