Pastel Painting Demonstrations With Maggie Price


Pastel dynamo Maggie Price has worn many hats over the years. Some may know her best as co-founder, originating editor and ongoing contributor for The Pastel Journal
(for which we are all supremely grateful). Some may know her best as a
pastel landscape artist; some as the current president of the
International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS); some as the author of the book Painting With Pastels
(North Light Books, 2007); and some may know her best as a workshop
instructor. To all these roles, Maggie brings passion, talent and
energy. If you’ve never had the pleasure of being in a class with
Maggie teaching, you now have an opportunity to make it happen and benefit from her wealth of knowledge.
ArtistsNetwork.TV has just released two new instructional videos with
Maggie, available now for $23.99 each (reflecting a 20% off “new release” discount) at the online North Light

In each these 100-minute video demonstrations, Maggie
shares strategies and tips for more effective and successful pastel
painting. In “Painting from Photos,” she demonstrates ways to enhance
pastels painted from photographic reference, so that the results go
beyond mere copying to the creation of a true artistic

In “Creating the Values of Sunlight & Shadow,”
Maggie shows how an underpainting can act as a road map of values
and temperatures that will lead to a beautiful final painting, strong
in value structure and flooded with sunlight.

I had the pleasure of being present for much of the filming of the videos. It wasn’t the first time I’ve seen Maggie in action, but is still always an amazing experience to see someone paint and talk at the same time—offering us viewers so much information, both visual and technical.

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