Pastel Painting Poll: What’s Your Style?

Just thought I’d draw your attention to a potentially revealing pastel poll happening over at WetCanvas! The matter at hand–what’s your pastel painting style?–is drawing some interesting responses. As you can imagine, this is something we often discuss at the magazine. We like to know what our readers like to paint–and why.

You’ll find the results of the WetCanvas! poll (so far) below. Check back in and see what style is “winning” now. And think about casting your vote if you’re a member. If you’re not a member, I seriously wonder what’s holding you back. It’s free!

Hyper-Realistic (Can’t tell it from a photograph)

14 7.14%

Painterly (Realistic but still clearly a painting/drawing)

125 63.78%

Impressionist (Inspired by Reality but with great license)

46 23.47%

Expressionist/Abstract (Most anything goes)

11 5.61%
Voters: 196

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