Pastel Trio

Following up on Jessica’s post from last week, we did indeed put on our snow boots and head into downtown Cincinnati last Friday for the opening of a new three-artist, all-pastel show at the Fifth Street Gallery. It’s a great show with fantastic work by Brian Mathas Burt, Kay Hurley and Jay Wilford, running now through March 12. See Jessica’s photo of me with Brian (on left) and Jay (on right).

I was pleased to be introduced to Jay and his soothing pastel landscapes. The artist has worked primarily in oils (check out his work on his website), but likes to do pastels as well—mostly when he wants to enjoy himself. It was also great to catch up with Brian and Kay who have both been featured in the magazine; Brian in the October 2008 issue and Kay in 2004. We’ve posted both features on our website here and here for you to read or revisit.

If you’re a Kay Hurley fan, you’ll be interested to know that she’s teaching a 3-day workshop this spring, May 14-16 (you can contact her through her website for more information). And, if you can’t make it to Kay, you can watch her demonstrate her pastel techniques on DVD, available on our site

Frost and Fog (left; 11×14) by M. Katherine Hurley

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