Pastels and Palaces

Price_reflect_300.jpgA change of scenery can be a huge creative boost for many artists. One such artist is Maggie Price, who has traveled and taught workshops in places far and wide—including many international locations such as Scotland, Australia and Italy. Last fall, the artist went to Spain for the third time to teach a pastel workshop. As before, the class was based in Júzcar, a village in southern Spain in the beautiful Andalucian
mountains. In addition to painting opportuntities in the village, the class also found inspiring subjects on a variety of outings to nearby locales. And this year, Price was able to add a unique art experience — painting on location on the grounds of the vast and historic Alhambra Palace. Price’s pastel, Reflecting Pool, Comares (pictured here) is just one example of the pastel group’s creative output. To read the full story, and see more photos and artwork, visit our website.

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